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Leaving Care

Independent Living Assistance

CCAS Child and Youth Services staff provide a range of critical services and supports to help young people transition into independent living. The Society retains legal guardianship until 18 years of age and provides the following support:

  • Monthly Financial Support
  • Comprehensive Health and Dental Benefits
  • Ontario Child Benefit Equivalent (OCBe) Funding
  • Referrals to community partner agencies for services, like: Youth in Transition Worker and PARC
  • Be referred to the Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation for additional supports
  • Education Support Workers, RESPs, Support with OSAP applications, and Scholarships
  • CCAS Foundations Program
Group of young adults smiling and laughing

Stay Home For School

Youth 18 and older who reside in a caregiving/group home and need additional time to complete high school may be eligible to remain with their caregivers. Ontario has extended funding to caregivers to provide a stable home for these youth as they complete their education.

Know Your Rights

All children and young people receiving services through a Children’s Aid Society have rights that must be respected and a voice that must be heard. 

Find out more about your rights, who to talk to if you have questions, and what to do if you think your rights are not being respected, with the Government of Ontario’s

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