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CCAS Anti-Black Racism Statement

Anti-Black racism is a specific form of racism that targets people of African Descent. It is a well documented form of racial discrimination that Black communities have been advocating against for decades.

While there have been some strides to address anti-Black racism, this remains a significant issue today. At the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS), we recognize that anti-Black racism is pervasive. We recognize that it is deeply embedded in Canadian institutions, as well as policies and practices that shape the way in which society interacts with Black people and their communities as they navigate daily life. As a child welfare organization, it is imperative to recognize our sector as being one of the many systems that has been plagued by this form of racism. This is evidenced through the overrepresentation of Black families involved in the child welfare system, as well as through the disparate outcomes Black young people, caregivers, and communities face once coming into contact with child welfare.

Given the legacy of anti-Black racism within the child welfare sector, CCAS is wholeheartedly committed to challenging and addressing that which has been the traditional and accepted way of practice in the child welfare sector to date.

At CCAS, we vow to disrupt and dismantle this longstanding form of racism that is embedded in Eurocentric values, stereotypes and ideologies; and, white supremacy and colonialism, which continues to disproportionately affect African Canadians at present. We acknowledge our responsibility to ensure that our work is reflective of our aim to intentionally work towards ending anti-Black racism for Black people, who not only identify with their experiences of Blackness, but who also have intersectional identities. This cannot be done without critical conversations, self-reflection and reflexivity, education; and, learning and unlearning. Our mission is to transform service delivery by centering the wellbeing of Black young people and their families.

Beyond understanding the deep-rooted realities of anti-Black racism, this journey requires action! It requires determination, bravery, and courageous leadership. It requires the centering of Black voices. While not an easy feat, CCAS is committed to taking action-oriented steps that promote and support better outcomes for Black young people, their families, Black caregivers, Black staff, and Black communities at large. After all, as cited in the great African Proverb, it takes a village to raise a child!

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