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Celebrating Black History Month at CCAS: "Joyful Resistance: Phenomenal Black Men"

At CCAS, we proudly celebrate Black History Month with the theme "Joyful Resistance: Phenomenal Black Men." This year's focus highlights the profound contributions of Phenomenal Black Men, showcasing their resilience, joy, and excellence in shaping not only their community but also enriching society at large.

Throughout February, we invite you to join us in honouring the stories and ongoing contributions of Phenomenal Black Men. The theme “Joyful Resistance” emphasizes the powerful intersection of joyfulness and resistance, fostering a celebration of heritage, strength, and unity.

As we reflect on the rich history and enduring impact of the Black community, we are committed to recognizing that Black History is Canadian History. Beyond the month of February, CCAS remains dedicated to intentionally celebrating the continuous contributions of the Black community and working collaboratively for a more equitable and inclusive future.

Join us in celebrating the spirit, resilience, and vibrant history of the Black community. #BlackHistoryMonth #JoyfulResistance #CCASCommunity

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